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Commercial and Residential Security IP Surveillance Systems, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection

VGI is determined to provide our customers with the latest technology in IP Security Systems, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection.
 IP surveillance is a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV). In an IP security system, an IP camera records video footage and the resulting content is distributed over an IP (Internet protocol) network.
Our Security Team provides our customers with the most current solutions possible. VGI specializes in IP Solutions (Security Camera Systems & Access Control) as well as providing Commercial & Residential Intrusion Detection Solutions.
We proudly provide expertise on Honeywell, Axis, Sony, HIK Vision, Video Insight, Synology, Infinias, Kantech, and many more for IP Camera Systems, Access Control, Intrusion Systems, and Monitoring Solutions.
Commercial and Residential properties throughout West Texas and the Permian Basin have relied on VGI Technology for Camera Security Systems and Access Control for safety and security.

Security Systems for Business

VGI provides Surveillance System and Access Control solutions for Malls and Office Parks in West Texas, installing security and peace of mind with the latest in IP Surveillance Technology and Intrusion Detection.
Gas Stations and Convenience Stores have relied on CCTV (closed-circuit television) for decades and are seeing the need to upgrade their systems as technology advances.
VGI offers the latest advancements in IP Surveillance Systems, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection. West Texas Office Towers, Hospitals, and Restaurants utilize surveillance systems for security and protection purposes.
Never settle for less when protecting your assets. The team at VGI Technology has the knowledge to properly install and execute your video security systems. VGI has top rated wireless security camera systems to meet all security system needs for your business.
VGI provides:
Hospital Security Systems
Restaurant Security Systems
Office Park Security Systems
Gas Station Security Systems
Convenience Store Security Systems
Church Security Systems
School Security Systems
Mall and Town Center Security Systems
Retail and Storefront Security Systems
Office Tower Surveillance Systems
Parking Garage Surveillance Systems

Home Surveillance Systems

Security Camera Systems for the home have become more and more common with the advancement of IP Surveillance Systems, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection in West Texas.
Furthermore, what was once considered too expensive or commercial use only, is now affordable and finding its way into the homes of millions.
Vendors such as Honeywell, Axis, and Sony have entered the Residential Home Protection market and offer many options for your security camera systems at Home.
See who is at your front door without leaving your room. Keep an eye on any unwanted four-legged creatures roaming around your yard at night. Keep a close watch on your entryway, driveway, front and back door, pool, fence line, and garage without a worry.
VGI has the best home surveillance systems and best wireless security camera systems your business needs. IP Security Systems keep your family safe and protected 24/7 – and comes with expert installation and backed with the VGI Technology guarantee.
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